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The Sacred Valley 

A magical place

The Sacred Valley of Peru, along the Vilcanota River, stretches for a hundred kilometers between Pisac and Machu Picchu. Sacred to the Incas and home to a still vibrant native Quechua community, it contains some of the most beautiful natural sites as well as the majority of ruins built during the Empire of the Incas. It is a succession of picturesque towns and beautiful colonial churches burrowed in the crevices of majestic mountain ranges.The Sacred Valley of the Incas is an important historical tourist attraction known worldwide for its handicraft artisinal markets, geographical majesty and cultural depth and relevance.


The Green House Villas are located in the heart of The Sacred Valley and are an excellent base for exploring the entire region, including Machu Picchu, the Inca trail, local markets and other Sacred Sites. 


The Sacred Valley offers you the advantage of a better climate at lower altitude, and calmer environment than the main city of Cusco.

Our Villas are located in the Village of Huaran, situated right in the middle of the Valley - with easy accessibility to everything.  


For independent visitors wanting to explore the length of the Valley between Ollantaytambo and Pisac on public transportation, it's very easy, with cheap and frequent public buses which can be hailed down anywhere. For others, let our staff call you a local taxi to take you anywhere. 


Here are a few other places of interest that you can easily reach from our villas

Around our home

Huaran - Calca:

Huaran is located 9 km from the Town of Calca in the middle of The Sacred Valley. It is a small community dedicated mainly to agriculture. Not a tradtional tourist stop, staying with us in Huaran will give you a real feeling of life in the Valley. Quiet and safe, Huaran's central location is ideal as a home base for exploring all the Valley has to offer. Or, soak up the peace and tranquility in the shadow of sacred peaks, as you relax your cares away.


Great treks and landscapes are right out your door. Local art and handicrafts are available from local craftpeople. We're excited to share everything Huaran has to offer:


​Located approximately one leisurely hour walk from our villas, this is an easy trek. Experience the beautiful view of the waterfall of Arin and once at the top, the amazing view of the valley below. 


Cancha Cancha​:

Six hour round trip walk through the beautiful scenery of Huarán. You will pass native forests, flowing rivers and streams before reaching the community of Cancha Cancha were you can see a native living village surrounded by snow topped mountains.


The Green House Villas are also located near the town of Pisac. You can easily reach Pisac from the Villas by bus (30 min), by taxi or our car and driver (20min).


Pisac is the largest fortress city and temple complex of the Incan Empire, and one of the largest of ancient America. With its great expanse of terraced areas crossed by paths and stone stairways, massive stone entrance doors, the ceremonial center of Intiwatana, solar clock, military areas, incan tombs and water canals, the Ruins of Pisac are a must see.


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are Market Days in the Plaza de Armas in the main town on the valley floor. Shop for handmade crafts: aplaca weavings, blankets, clothes, jewelry, pottery and more. Or just sit in one of the many cafes situated around the square and watch all the beautiful people and colors flowing around you. One of the best markets for local handmade crafts, you can find almost everything in one place and practice your bargaining skills too!

Ollantaytambo/Machu Picchu

We are located close to the town of Ollantaytambo (the gateway to Machu Picchu) in the Sacred Valley. You can easily travel to Ollantaytambo by bus (50 minutes) or by taxi (30 minutes). Known as the "Live Incan Village", Ollanta is one of the most spectacular archeological sites in Peru. The only "Inca" town to have survived the Spanish conquest, people still live here much as they did during the period of the Incan Empire. A living example of Incan architecture and building technology,  scientists still haven’t come to a conclusion as to the techniques used for the construction of the enormous stone walls built in the town. Each stone is carved in an independent form in relation to all the others, with complex angles and different sizes to construct the Incan platforms and buildings. 


As the starting point for trips to Machu Picchu (the train station is here), we will be happy to help you to arrange/organize your adventure to Machu Picchu. The train station is only 35 minutes from our hotel.

Urubamba/Maras & Moray

The Green House Villas are located very near Urubamba, the largest town in the Valley and the center for local commerce and life here. You can easily reach Urubamba from the Villas by bus (15 minutes) or in a taxi or our car (10 minutes).

Urubamba is a lively town with a vast choice of good restaurants and local fruit and vegetable markets as well as small supermarkets.


Above the town, on the high plateau, lie Maras and Moray. The Salineras of Maras are ancient mineral salt mines where the local inhabitants channel salt water from a spring towards shallow pools in which, through evaporation, the salt is deposited and harvested for market.


Moray was an important agricultural experimentation center during the Inca Empire, famous for its concentric, round terraces. 

The Salineras and Moray can be reached by taking a bus from The Villas to Urubamba and a taxi from there for the tour of both sites. Or pack a lunch and let our car and driver take you up for the day.

Let's go!

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